In the Canadian oil and gas industry, sub-zero temperatures are a fact of life for nearly half the year. Utility Heat and Steam quickly become integral to drilling, production and maintenance projects during the winter months, and ready access to steam can prevent huge challenges and work stoppage. Harvest Oilfield Service can provide mobile boilers (ranging in all sizes) to ensure your projects run smoothly during the colder days. Boiler units can also be utilized for turnarounds and plant shutdowns. Our operators are experienced with handling steam and our equipment is inspected regularly to ensure safe operation on your work site. When you need a reliable, hardworking, industry compliant company to provide you heat, call on us at Harvest.

To ensure truck loading and unloading operations are completed safely and to eliminate the potential for injuries where vehicle and people interaction occurs, specific industry procedures are applied.

Intricate Trucked-in System is based on best-in-class technologies and state-of-the art user interface built to handle loading and unloading applications across the hydrocarbon spectrum from heavy oil to liquefied natural gas. Built specifically for Oil & Gas and Pipeline applications by Peers for Peers, it is in full regulatory compliance with Alberta Energy Regulator.

In addition to the Intricate designs and service, all reports are kept in one central repository; the Intricate Solutions Software that ensures our clients have additional comfort in knowing they can access in real time, anytime, all reports or documentation at no additional cost with a simple user I.D. as provided by your Intricate Representative.Our Trucked in™ System performs  the required functions and applications required by Intricate clients starting with the measurement of produced oil & water emulsion or dry pipeline spec products being delivered to or from their facility right through to gathering data for field data capture systems and production accounting.

With so many functions that include accurate density corrected water cuts using calculation routine, accurate oil & water volumes, industry compliance calculations, real time data management, device diagnostics, and audit trails with detailed reporting performed by I.S. Software Solutions.

The Trucked-in System is flexible, starting as a simple standalone SHED or SKID built to your perimeters and site footprint or needs.

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